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We keep up to date on current developments by monitoring tax legislation and regulations to help our clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities.
 Individual and family tax filing (1040, 1040A, 1040NR 1040X)
 Business Tax Preparation (1120, 1120S, 1065)
 Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Preparation (706, 709, 1041)
 Sales Tax

No matter what your insurance or risk management needs may be, we can help you find the product and services that are best for you.
•  Home Insurance
•  Commercial Insurance
•  Auto Insurance
•  Life Insurance
•  Health Insurance
•  Disability Insurance
•  Workers Compensation Insurance

Small Business Consulting
We are interested in learning your needs and will provide you with expert guidance in these areas.
•  Start-up consultation
•  Business set up/ dissolved
•  Retirement plan setting up (401Ks, Sep, Simple, Keogh, DB plan, etc.)
•  Group Life/Health Insurances
•  Group long-term Care/Disability plan

Investment planning
We focus on identifying effective investment strategies according to your risk appetite and financial goals. There is a wide variety of investment options, including shares, bonds, mutual funds, bank deposits, real estate and futures and options. Through investment planning, you can identify the most appropriate portfolio mix.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is a whole life strategy that involves lifestyle choices in the present to help finance the future. As we get older the need for discipline in this area becomes more and more apparent. The wise ones among us are those who take retirement planning seriously while they are still young, giving them a head start.

Education Planning
Education planning and preparing for college can begin as early as families wish to do so. Save for future college costs by using qualified tuition plans (529 plan or 529 program), Coverdell ESA or other financial vehicles.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is very important, no matter how small your estate may be. It allows you, while you are still living, to ensure that your property will go to the people you want, in the way you want, and when you want. It permits you to save as much as possible on taxes, court costs and attorneys' fees; and it affords the comfort that your loved ones can mourn your loss without being simultaneously burdened with unnecessary red tape and financial confusion.






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